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Tracsis, 2022

Embarking on a dynamic collaboration with Tracsis Plc, Dope Studio undertook the challenge of translating the intricate world of the company’s technology and innovation into a compelling visual narrative. Our series of videos, strategically crafted for potential investors, aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the diverse Tracsis enterprise. Through insightful interviews and immersive demonstrations, we delved into the minds of key executives, capturing their stories, and illuminating the inner workings of their respective companies within the Tracsis umbrella.


Our approach involved meticulous planning and execution of interviews with heads of the various companies under Tracsis Plc. These interviews not only showcased the leadership’s expertise but also unveiled the unique contributions each company made to the collective success of Tracsis. Immersive demonstrations were integrated, offering a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technologies driving the enterprise’s innovation.


Understanding the critical role these videos played in attracting potential investors, we ensured that each frame communicated the strategic vision, market positioning, and growth potential of Tracsis. The videos were designed to instil confidence in investors by providing an in-depth exploration of the technological advancements and the synergies driving the overall success of the enterprise.


Beyond catering to investors, Dope Studio expanded our scope to encapsulate the vibrant work culture at Tracsis. Crafting a recruitment video that highlighted the values, camaraderie, and professional growth opportunities within the organisation. Prospective candidates gained insights into the dynamic environment at Tracsis, fostering a transparent understanding of what a career with the company entails.


Our videos became a visual testament to Tracsis’ commitment to innovation and progress. By combining engaging storytelling with state-of-the-art visuals, we provided a cinematic journey that encapsulated the enterprise’s technological prowess and its impact on industries it serves.


The videos created by Dope Studio have become an integral part of Tracsis’ investor relations toolkit. Their strategic deployment has successfully communicated the company’s narrative, technological sophistication, and potential for growth. Furthermore, the recruitment video has played a pivotal role in attracting top-tier talent by offering a genuine portrayal of the work culture and career prospects within Tracsis.


In conclusion, Dope Studio’s collaboration with Tracsis is a visual chronicle that intricately weaves together the stories of innovation, leadership, and culture, showcasing Tracsis as a formidable force in the tech landscape and an enticing destination for both investors and prospective employees.


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