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Grand Chapel Studios

Grand Chapel Studios is a Residential Recording Studio and Music Production Facility in Bedfordshire. A unique and beautiful location with beautiful acoustics and accommodation; the studio is not only used for recording, but also for filming live music videos and promos.

The studio also handles voice-over work, ADR for film and TV, and complete production and mix projects. 


Enhancing digital presence through comprehensive web development, captivating graphic design, and strategic SEO services, ensuring impactful and cohesive brand representation for clients.

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    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

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    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

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    Grand Chapel Studios


To create a digital presence for Grand Chapel Studios that mirrors its unique charm and functionality.

Our responsive website design ensures seamless functionality across all devices, allowing visitors to explore the studio’s offerings effortlessly.


We integrated a user-friendly contact form to facilitate inquiries and bookings, while a dedicated gear list page provides transparency and convenience to clients.


Leveraging advanced SEO techniques, we optimised the home page to enhance visibility in online searches, ensuring that Grand Chapel Studios reaches artists searching for a unique creative space.


To immerse visitors in the studio’s ambiance, we incorporated a short video loop on the homepage, showcasing selected shots of the studio in use. This captivating visual element offers a glimpse into the capabilities of Grand Chapel Studios, further enhancing its online presence and allure.

What we do

Stylish responsive
design for any device

The website now offers an optimal user experience across all devices, ensuring that wholesale clients can efficiently browse the online product catalogue, contributing to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

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The responsive redesign and implementation of WordPress resulted in a substantial improvement in Grand Chapel Studios Google optimisation. Grand Chapel Studios is now better positioned to attract and serve its target audience, contributing to long-term success in the competitive textile wholesale industry.


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Word Press Content Management System


Search Engine Optimisation

Graphic Design

For Grand Chapel Studios, our graphic design team embarked on a journey to capture the essence of this unique residential recording studio and music production facility. At the heart of our work lies the creation of a dynamic brand identity, beginning with the development of a captivating logo. Our designers meticulously crafted a logo that serves as a visual representation of the studio building, appropriately created from sound wave forms. 

In addition to the logo, we curated a suite of collateral materials to complement the brand identity. From clean professional business cards to a comprehensive brochure containing a welcome pack, gear list, and rates cards, each piece was thoughtfully designed to showcase the studio’s offerings with clarity and elegance. To add a touch of dynamism to the brand, we also developed a captivating logo animation, breathing life into the visual identity of Grand Chapel Studios.


Typefase Minion Variable Concept




Minion is a classic serif font known for its elegance and sophistication. It conveys a sense of tradition and craftsmanship, which aligns well with the high-quality services and artistic nature often associated with studios like Grand Chapel Studios.

Color palette


R 28
G 27
B 31

Eerie Black


R 242
G 242
B 242

Anti-Flash White


R 247
G 137
B 14


We chose Tangerine for its vibrant energy, Eerie black for its sophisticated contrast, and anti-flash white for its clean and modern feel, creating a visually striking and memorable experience on the Grand Chapel Studios website.


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