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Udemy, 2023

Dope Studio proudly took the driver’s seat in a unique collaboration between Udemy, the pioneering education technology company, and the prestigious McLaren Formula E Racing Team. Tasked with capturing an immersive educational course, our team filmed a “McLaren 101,” a short but comprehensive journey into the rich history of Bruce McLaren and the evolution of the iconic McLaren brand. Set against the backdrop of the McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey, the video was designed to be an informative and engaging experience for those keen to explore the legacy and innovations of McLaren.


The collaboration marked the announcement of a groundbreaking partnership between Udemy and the McLaren Formula E Racing Team. Dope Studio played a pivotal role in introducing this partnership to the Udemy community through an engaging video that showcased not only the significance of the collaboration but also the educational opportunities it presented.


“McLaren 101” was more than just a video; it was a short educational course strategically designed to provide Udemy users with a comprehensive understanding of McLaren’s storied past. Through a blend of captivating visuals and expert interviews, the video served as a virtual classroom, offering learners a front-row seat to the McLaren legacy.


Shooting at the McLaren Technology Centre provided Dope Studio with access to the heart of McLaren’s operations. The result was a visually stunning video that not only conveyed the brand’s heritage but also showcased the cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship that define McLaren in the modern era.


Our video served as a dynamic announcement for the strategic partnership between Udemy and McLaren. By blending educational content with the excitement of motorsports, we effectively communicated the value of the collaboration to Udemy’s diverse audience, fostering interest and engagement.


Our collaboration with Udemy exemplifies Dope Studio’s commitment to leveraging the power of video for educational purposes. We believe in the transformative potential of visual storytelling to make learning not just informative but also an engaging and enriching experience.


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