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Produced In Kent, 2023

Dope Studio embarked on a flavourful journey with Produced In Kent, capturing the essence of their culinary celebrations at the Taste of Kent Awards 2023 and the Kent Food Fair. Tasked with creating compelling videos to entice food and drink producers to join Produced In Kent, our team crafted two corporate videos that not only showcased the excellence of the events but also emphasised the tangible benefits of association with the trade organisation.


Dope Studio’s primary focus was to encourage food and drink producers to join Produced In Kent by highlighting the positive impact on businesses. We designed engaging corporate videos featuring existing members sharing their success stories. These testimonials underscored how being part of Produced In Kent elevated their brand recognition and significantly boosted sales. Through emotive narratives and visuals, we created a persuasive call to action for potential members.


The video for the Taste of Kent Awards served as a beacon for potential sponsors and entrants. Dope Studio meticulously captured the anticipation, excitement, and prestige surrounding the awards ceremony. Showcasing the recognition received by past winners, the video conveyed the awards as not just accolades but as powerful tools for businesses to establish themselves and garner industry recognition.


Our team also crafted a dynamic video for the Kent Food Fair that went beyond showcasing products. We highlighted the fair as a unique opportunity for producers to network, connect with new customers, and showcase their offerings to a diverse audience. The video encapsulated the vibrant atmosphere of the fair, emphasizing its role as a pivotal platform for businesses to expand their reach and foster meaningful connections.


Dope Studio extended the impact to social media by creating a series of reels featuring individual producers and members of the Produced In Kent team. These short, dynamic videos provided a snapshot of their stories, products, and the value they derived from being associated with Produced In Kent.


Produced In Kent utilised our corporate videos strategically to attract potential sponsors for the awards. The videos effectively communicated the prestige and exposure sponsors could gain by aligning with events focused on local produce. Produced In Kent reported that the videos played a crucial role in achieving their organisational goals, capturing the attention of sponsors, and elevating the events to new heights.


In conclusion, Dope Studio’s collaboration with Produced In Kent exemplifies our ability to blend storytelling with visual artistry, creating videos that go beyond mere documentation. We take pride in not only capturing the events’ beauty but also in crafting narratives that inspire action, whether it be joining a trade organisation, participating in awards, or becoming a sponsor. Our videos stand as vibrant testimonials to the excellence of Produced In Kent and the flourishing culinary landscape it champions.


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