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Trend Micro, 2023

In a thrilling partnership that merged the worlds of cybersecurity and motorsport, Dope Studio had the privilege of collaborating with Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity software company, and the NEOM McLaren Formula E racing team. Tasked with creating a captivating video series to mark this exciting collaboration, our team set out to produce a slick corporate video that not only celebrated the partnership but also highlighted the dynamic synergies between these two innovative entities.


The challenge was clear – craft a video that resonates with both the global cybersecurity community and the fanbase of Formula E racing. Trend Micro required a visual narrative that would not only showcase their cutting-edge enterprise security solutions but also capture the thrill and speed of Formula E racing.


Our team embraced the challenge, with the canvas for our project being nothing short of iconic – the McLaren Technology Centre and the ExCeL Centre in London. Dope Studio strategically utilised these locations to create visually stunning content that not only celebrated the partnership but also provided a dynamic backdrop reflective of innovation and speed.


Our vision extended beyond a singular corporate video; we designed a series that could be repurposed into smaller, engaging content for Trend Micro’s social media pages. The goal was to create a video suite that could amplify the collaboration’s impact across various platforms, reaching diverse audiences while maintaining a consistent and engaging narrative.


A crucial component of the project involved capturing the CEOs of Trend Micro and NEOM McLaren unveiling the newly branded Formula E car. With a tight timeframe and only a 15-minute window with the CEOs, Dope Studio demonstrated agility, efficiency, and creativity. The announcement video was shot, edited, and released on social media within an impressive two and a half hours, adding a layer of excitement to the partnership announcement.

In conclusion, Dope Studio’s collaboration with Trend Micro stands as a testament to our ability to seamlessly blend diverse narratives into a cohesive visual experience. The video series not only celebrated the partnership with NEOM McLaren but also showcased the prowess of Trend Micro in the ever-evolving realm of global cybersecurity.


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